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Key Reasons to Move Into a Care Home After a Stroke

Assisted Living at Home Sussex County DE: Care Home Living
Assisted Living at Home Sussex County DE: Care Home Living

Around 800,000 Americans have a stroke each year. Of those strokes, 75% are first-time strokes. Despite what you might think, only one in ten are life-ending strokes. Your mom had a stroke, and it was caught in time to get the clot and restore blood flow to all of the brain. She’s currently in rehabilitation regaining some of her skills. Once home, she needs personal care services and opportunities to work with physical, occupational, and speech therapists. During your conversations with her doctors, you’ve found one major obstacle to her recovery. Is it time for some help from Assisted Living at Home


Post-Stroke Recovery Often Doesn’t Suit a Current Home’s Layout

For her recovery, your mom needs to have personal care attendants. The personal care services she needs include oral care, help with bathing and toileting, grooming, hygiene, and dressing. She cannot do these things on her own for now, and that means having an aide to help out.

For personal care services to work effectively, equipment like a shower seat is a must-have. But, there’s a problem with her current home.

Your mom’s home is an old farmhouse. Many doors and hallways inside the home are narrow and may not accommodate a walker and wheelchair. The bedrooms and full bathrooms are all upstairs, and she doesn’t have the money to install a stairlift. Plus, her upstairs bathrooms have claw-foot tubs, which doesn’t meet her current needs.

While you could turn a den into a bedroom, her downstairs bathroom is small and only has a toilet and sink. She needs a shower with a shower seat, and there’s no way to make that happen without tearing apart her bathroom, combining it with the dining room, and renovating it into a large bathroom.

Her home isn’t going to work without costly improvements. Have you considered the benefits of moving her to a care home where she has the personal care services she needs?


What Is a Residential Care Home?

A residential care home offers your mom a private suite where she has her own space, but she’s in a small home with neighbors, staff members, and plenty of engaging activities and outings. All of the areas in a residential home are ADA-compliant, so her use of a wheelchair or walker will not be an issue.

When your mom moves into a residential care home, she has personal care services when she needs them. Night or day, on-site aides are there to help her with toileting, showering, and eating. She can have her personal care attendants help her change her clothes if she has an accident.

Your mom isn’t alone and dependent on a caregiver’s schedule. Care homes offering personal care services ensure she’s supported as she ages. It’s the best of both worlds. She has the help she needs and a space to call her own.

Talk to a care home specialist about current availability. Many residential care homes in the U.S. have waitlists, so you want to get onto that list as soon as possible.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering, Assisted Living at Home Sussex County, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at: (302) 772-4482



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