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Do Care Homes Provide Transportation?

Assisted Living at Home in Lewes DE: Care Homes Transportation
Assisted Living at Home in Lewes DE: Care Homes Transportation

When you think about the things your dad needs for care, transportation tops your list. He has macular degeneration and is no longer allowed to drive. Because he lives out in the country, this is a big deal for your family. You wonder, Can assisted living help?

Without being able to drive, your dad is stuck at home all week. You stop by as much as you can, but you work long hours and have children at home still. Between their sports practices and games, finding time to drive your dad around is challenging.

You’ve been considering the benefits of residential care homes. He’s always lonely and doesn’t have neighbors nearby. If he moved to a care home, he’d have friends living in the same community. He’d be engaged and active with hobbies, community gatherings, and shared meals. But, what about transportation?


How Transportation Works In a Residential Care Community

When your dad lives in a care home, there’s a community van and a staff driver. Typically, a day for shopping is arranged. Those who want to go out sign up and join their fellow residents on these outings.

Sometimes, field trips to local museums, ball games, and beaches are scheduled. Your dad may want to go on an outing with his new friends, but he’s not obligated to join in. He picks and chooses the trips that appeal to him.

The other way transportation works is that you can let the care team know in advance when your dad has an upcoming appointment. The driver brings him to and from his doctor’s or dentist’s office. The driver waits and brings him back when the appointment is over.

You’re still welcome to drive him when you’re available, but there’s always a back-up option of having the community driver take him.

Are There Rules?

Every residential care community is different, but most have a few rules to follow. For field trips and group shopping trips, there’s often a list posted on a community bulletin board. When your dad wants to go, he needs to put his name on the list. His aides can help him do this if needed.

You’ll get a calendar of events. You’re also welcome to let the care home staff know when you think your dad would want to go on an outing. Ask if there is a fee. There may be admission fees required on outings to museums, ball games, etc.

When it comes to appointments, ask what the rule is for giving notice. They may want to know 24 hours in advance, but you may need to notify the staff a full week in advance. There may be fees if the trip is outside of a set number of miles. As long as you follow the rules, your dad always has a ride available.

Transportation is a service offered in a care home. It’s one of the many reasons to choose residential care home living for your dad. Call a specialist to learn more.


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