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Companion Care Services: 6 Ways Care Homes Help Families With Alzheimer’s Care Needs

Companion Care Services in Lewes DE: Alzheimer's
Companion Care Services in Lewes DE: Alzheimer's

Companion Care Services: There’s no question that Alzheimer’s can be a challenging disease for families.

Even in the early stages, your mom or dad needs some support. Quitting your job isn’t possible, but leaving them alone is equally challenging. Have you considered Companion Care Services? Your mom or dad benefits in many ways, and it gives you peace of mind that your parent gets personalized memory care. Here are six of the benefits your parent experiences in this living arrangement.

Private Living Arrangements

In a care home, your mom or dad lives in a private or shared suite with a bathroom, sitting area, bedroom area, and plenty of privacy. These homes usually house no more than 20 residents, so you get to know your neighbors.

Bathrooms in the suites are ADA-compliant. Suites have bathrooms with grab bars, shower chairs, and pull cords for emergencies. Emergency pull cords are also located near the bed. Doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

24/7 Security

Staff is available 24/7 for security. No matter what time it is, someone is there and ready to help your parent as needed. With a smaller community, it’s easier for a parent with Alzheimer’s to form bonds with the aides and nurses.

Restaurant-Style Dining Arrangements

In a small care home, dining is arranged to resemble a restaurant experience. Residents are given a menu and order the meal that appeals to them. Menus usually have a few options and a la carte items just in case. Your mom or dad don’t have to cook meals and risk starting a fire when forgetting a meal is in the oven.

What if the family is stopping by to visit? Most care homes are happy to have you join your parent for a small fee. Plus, country kitchens are available to cook a meal for your family during your visit. You bring the groceries, use the community pots and pans, and clean up when you’re done.

ADA-Compliant Public Areas

Public areas are also wheelchair-friendly with non-slip flooring, plenty of sturdy seating, and ADA-compliant public bathrooms. Outdoor courtyards and garden areas are secure and accessible.

All-in-One Pricing

The monthly rent in a care home is inclusive. Rent covers meals, activities, a private or shared suite, internet, and television. Plus, transportation services are usually included if your mom or dad doesn’t request too many trips each month.

Helpful Staff

If your mom or dad needs some help, a care home has staff on-site. Suppose your mom wakes up and isn’t feeling great. She can alert the staff to do things like bring her meals to her suite or arrange transportation to the doctor.

These living arrangements include social activities arranged by the staff. Religious services, exercise programs, and holiday events are part of the monthly calendar of activities, so loneliness and isolation don’t happen.

With residential care home living, your parent has the support needed to live independently. With a comfortable suite for privacy and supportive services from the care aides, residents are never alone, but they also have privacy. It’s one of the most helpful memory care services you’ll find when you cannot be there for your mom or dad. Call to learn more.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering, Companion Care Services in Lewes, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at. (302) 772-4482

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