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What Companion Care Services Are Offered in Care Homes?

Companion Care Services in Sussex County DE
Companion Care Services in Sussex County, DE

Companion Care Services: Your mom admits that her home costs more money to heat and maintain than she wants to spend.

Plus, it’s a lot of work keeping it clean and organized. She wants to know her options and asks you for help. She doesn’t mind downsizing, but your mom’s not interested in moving to a large community where her day is organized right down to the minute. She wants to have supportive aides and caregivers without being micromanaged. Have you talked to her about companion care services in a residential care home?

Companion care is a service that helps your mom maintain her independence while also having people to talk to and something that’s often overlooked, emotional support.


What Does a Residential Care Home Offer That You Can’t?

You’re considering having your mom move in with you. Does she want to live with you? She may not like the idea of burdening your family. This is where a small residential care home is a great solution.

Residential care homes are large, converted single-family homes found in residential areas. Bedrooms are converted into private suites, and other rooms become shared main living areas. Medic alert systems and emergency response devices are given to all residents when they move in.

Your mom has ample opportunity to go outside, too. She might want to join others for a daily walk or meals in the courtyard. Outdoor gardens are for everyone to use.

Caregivers and other staff members are on-site throughout the day and night. If your mom needs help, aides are on-site to assist her. Staff can accompany her to her medical appointments and engage her in conversations. They take care of housekeeping and laundry.

Your mom has neighbors around for social activities as often as she wants, but she isn’t obligated to spend time with others. She’s welcome to have a quiet day on her own.


Companion Care Services: What Role Do Family Members Have in Their Parent’s Care?

If your mom moves into a small care home, what happens next? You’re her primary caregiver, and you want to remain involved. Family members are encouraged to visit often and be as involved as they wish.

In a small residential care home, you’ll find it’s easy to get to know the staff and residents. It makes it easy to connect and remain engaged in your mom’s care needs and decision-making. Call to learn more about getting on the waitlist for residential care homes.

Suppose your mom has her yearly check-up. You want to drive her, but you cannot get out of work that day. Talk to the care team and ask their driver to take her. They’ll report back to you to let you know how things went.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering, Companion Care Services in Sussex County, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at: (302) 772-4482

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