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Helping Your Mom Settle Into a Care Home for Seniors

Residential Care Home Living in Lewes DE: Care Homes
Residential Care Home Living in Lewes DE: Care Homes

It’s time for your mom to move into a residential care home for seniors. She wants her own space, but she doesn’t want to be in her large, unmanageable home. Your mom’s wish list is a place where there are a handful of neighbors and aides and where she can easily bond without feeling overwhelmed.

You’ve found the ideal care home for her. She’s moving in soon, so what can you do to help her get settled?


Get a List of What She Needs to Bring

Sometimes, the suites in residential care homes are fully furnished. If your mom would be more comfortable bringing her own furnishings, ask if it’s an option. Most establishments are happy to let you bring in personal furnishings that help your mom feel at home.

She’ll sleep best if she has her preferred mattress and pillows. She might want her dresser. You could bring that, a comfortable chair and storage hassock, and plenty of photographs and paintings.

Find out if houseplants are allowed. Fish tanks are a soothing addition to a suite. Those can help your mom settle in her new home.


Stick Around on Move-In Day

She’ll be less nervous if you spend part of the day with her when she moves in. Join her as she meets her new neighbors and becomes acquainted with the staff. Your mom will be able to start exploring on her own, knowing you’re there if she has questions.

Don’t be surprised if she ends up wanting to take off on her own to join her new neighbors for a meal or planned events like games, book reading groups, or art projects. That’s a good time to leave and let her settle in.


Ask About Visitation Policies

One of the first questions to ask is what are the visitation policies. Some care homes ask families to give their parents a week or two to settle before visits start. Others encourage visits from the very start.

You might be able to pay for a meal and join your mom for meals now and then. Often, holiday meals are offered. If you’re allowed to eat with her, you may be asked to pay a fee to cover the cost of the food, but it’s a great meal for less than you’d pay at a restaurant.

If your mom wants to go out, taking her out for a meal is always encouraged. It’s often requested that you let the staff know so that they can tell the kitchen staff to plan for one less meal.

A care home for seniors is an excellent way to ensure your mom has privacy while also being surrounded by attentive staff and plenty of chances to socialize. Call a home care specialist to learn more.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering, Residential Care Home Living in Lewes, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at: (302) 772-4482

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