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How Does Personal Care Help Seniors After A Stroke?

Personal Care Services Lewes
Personal Care Services Lewes

After a stroke, a senior may need help with personal care tasks. It can be awkward and embarrassing for seniors to need physical help. They may be reluctant to ask family members for help. Family members may also be unable to provide the kind of extra care needed. If your senior parent is larger than you, or if they have limited mobility, helping them safely may not be possible.

Personal care services allow seniors to maintain their dignity and pride in their appearance, without putting family members in a difficult or awkward position. Seniors will receive assistance with things like:

Getting Around Physically

A care provider that has training in how to safely move people of all sizes who are limited in their ability to move their limbs, balance, or bear weight is the best person to get your senior parent out of bed in the morning or put them to bed at night. They can help your senior loved one safely settle for the day in a chair or on the couch. And they can help them get in and out of a wheelchair if necessary. If your senior loved one needs to go to a doctor’s appointment or therapy appointment, a trained care provider can also help get your senior parent in and out of the car.

Showering And Bathing

Showering and bathing can be very difficult and dangerous for a senior loved one after a stroke. Having a stroke increases the chances that a senior could have another. Therefore, don’t leave seniors alone after a stroke. Falls can occur in the shower or bath, even without limitations caused by a stroke. The risk of falling is even greater for seniors after a stroke. With personal care at home, seniors will have the assistance they need to stay safe while bathing or showering.

Getting Cleaned Up 

After a stroke, your senior parent may also need help cleaning up in the morning. Routine hygiene activities can be difficult for seniors recovering from a stroke if they have limited mobility. Things like washing their face, brushing teeth, combing hair, and shaving can feel impossible. With help, they can do all the things they need to do to feel normal and like themselves again. Maintaining their appearance and hygiene keeps seniors in a good mental state.


Seniors often avoid asking family members to help them go to the bathroom, which can lead to accidents and also lead to medical problems like UTIs. With personal care at home, seniors will never ask a family member for help when they need to go to the bathroom. They will have the safe, sensitive, and compassionate care they need to maintain their dignity.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Personal Care Services in Lewes, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482.

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