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Personal Care Services: What Can Your Senior Do to Manage Stress?

Personal Care Services in Sussex County DE: Manage Stress
Personal Care Services in Sussex County DE: Manage Stress

Personal Care Services: Stress has serious health implications, particularly for seniors.

There’s a lot of stress that goes along with just existing, so it pays to reduce stress as much as possible. Your elderly family member doesn’t have to make all of these changes at once. Finding one or two ideas that mean the most to her and then stacking new habits on top when she’s ready can be a great plan. A personal care services provider can be a big help at this time.

Conserve Energy

When your elderly family member is expending a lot of energy to do tasks that she’s done for years, that causes stress on her body and for her brain. Learning how to conserve energy takes effort, too, but in the end, it can help your elderly family member to destress. Personal care at home to handle household tasks, for instance, takes a huge weight off your senior’s shoulders.

Get Better Rest

If your elderly family member isn’t getting enough rest, that can crank up stress levels in her body. Having a solid sleep schedule and prioritizing both sleep and rest can be important ways to reduce stress. Try talking with her doctor if your elderly family member is still having trouble getting solid sleep.

Move Some Every Day

As long as her doctor agrees that your senior is able to exercise, some form of movement is a good idea every day. It helps with mood, mobility, and brain health, and can also help with sleep and stress. Finding exercise that she enjoys is a perfect way to ensure that she’s able to keep up with it.

Connect with Others

Socializing with other people is an important aspect in reducing stress levels. That might be more difficult for your senior now than it used to be, particularly if she spends a lot more time at home on her own. Having caregivers stopping by can make a big difference for her in terms of socializing and connecting with other people.

Eat a Healthy Diet

What your senior eats helps to fuel her body and her brain. If her diet is an unhealthy one, that can cause stress throughout her body. But making changes to a diet that she’s had for possibly decades isn’t always the easiest thing. Personal care services is a great way to help your senior to make those shifts a little bit at a time.

Trying even a few of these ideas can help to greatly reduce your senior’s overall stress levels. As she experiences the benefits of reduced stress, that can inspire her to take other small steps.


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