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Residential Care Home: Would Your Parents Benefit From Residential Care Home Living?

Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County DE: Benefits
Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County DE: Benefits

Residential Care Home: Your parents have a large home that’s becoming too much for them to manage.

They don’t want to move into a large apartment complex, but they admit they need someone around to help out now and then. As you look over their wish list for a new home, they want a small community where they can form friendships with their neighbors. They want around-the-clock staffing if they need help during the day or night. They want maintenance available to address issues like a clogged toilet or window that won’t open. When your parents want these services but also want a private suite to call their own, there’s a great solution. Take a closer look at all that a residential care home offers.


What Does a Residential Care Home Offer?

Residential care homes are small, often with no more than 20 suites in the house. Depending on the arrangement, there are single bedroom suites with private bathrooms. Shared suites have two bedrooms and can be more affordable if two people split the monthly rent.

That rent is paid monthly, but it covers a lot. In addition to 24/7 staffing, the rent covers daily meals and snacks, transportation, activities, social events, cable television, water, electricity, internet, heat/AC, and housekeeping. If your parents need a phone in their suite, that may be an additional charge, but a care home has phones they can use.

Meals are similar to what your parents experience at a restaurant. They go to the dining room, look at the menu options, order what they’d like to eat that day, and wait for the staff to place the order and bring them their meal. If they’re not feeling up to eating in the community dining room, they can request to have the meal delivered to their room.

The area around the residential care home offers chances to spend time outside. There are courtyards with comfortable seating. Community gardens are enjoyed together. There are usually walking paths and trails nearby.

Activities directors arrange fun activities each day to promote socialization. One day, your dad might sign up for a Tai Chi class while your mom goes to Bingo. There are holiday dances, book groups, paint classes, and many other activities and events to ensure they’re as active as they want to be.

Transportation services are available, too. If your dad has an upcoming dentist appointment, he could use the community transportation to get there. Your mom could join her neighbors on outings to local stores and restaurants and never have to drive again.


They Are Immensely Popular

It’s important to get onto waitlists early. The popularity of care homes can mean there is a bit of a wait to get into an apartment. Call to learn more about care home availability and what steps your parents need to take to add their name to the list for a private apartment in a residential care home community.



If you or an aging loved-one is considering, Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at. (302) 772-4482

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