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Navigating the Holidays as Your Mom Ages

Residential Care Home Living in Lewes
Residential Care Home Living in Lewes

Your mom’s tired of her larger home and being isolated. You live in another state, so you are unable to visit often. Not only is she ready to move, but you like the idea of being part of a close community. Especially when you’re not close.

She’s talked a lot about moving to a residential care home. What can you expect from residential care home living during the holidays? Are you restricted from visiting your mom, or are there ways to join her?

Understanding a Residential Care Home Lifestyle

When your mom moves to a residential care home, she joins a community in one building with individual apartments. It’s a smaller building, making it easier to get to know your new housemates.

She has aides available to help her with daily activities if she needs that help. She has an on-site cook serving restaurant-style meals in the care home’s dining room. Transportation, activities, and social events are all the norm in a residential care home.

Keep These Tips for Visiting in Mind

But, as it’s a smaller community, during your visits, you may not be able to stay with her anymore. It’s important to remember this. While a larger community may have a room for family members to rent for overnight stays, a smaller residential care home doesn’t have the space.

You will need to arrange to stay at someone else’s house or book a hotel room for your visit. You’re welcome to visit her at her new home, and you may be able to pay a small fee and eat there. Talk to the staff to learn more about their rules on visits and sharing a meal.

Some residential care homes have community kitchens that you can reserve for family meals together. If not, you’re welcome to take your mom to a local restaurant or someone’s home. Just let the staff know what your plans are, so that the kitchen staff knows if they should cook your mom a meal or not.

What if you’ve been busy baking? Can you offer goodies to the community? Again, ask the staff. While some residents may love having the cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pastries, and bread you’ve created, there may be dietary restrictions. If food safety protocols are followed, then food items may be stored in a mini fridge in your mom’s room.

A residential care home is a fantastic setting for your mom as she ages, and if you can’t visit, she’s not alone for the holidays. She’s surrounded by friends and aides, and she has the space to have days to herself or socialize as she desires. Learn more about this type of housing arrangement by talking to an advisor.

If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to Residential Care Home Living in Lewes, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482.

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