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What Are the Benefits of Residential Home Care Living?

Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County
Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County

Your dad’s home is not a good fit for him as he ages. It’s on multiple levels, and he needs single-level living after his fall. He wants to move, but the thought of a large assisted living community isn’t desirable. Have you considered residential care home living?

Residential care homes are smaller and set in residential neighborhoods where he can walk to stores, parks, and area attractions. Here are the benefits this community offers.

Social Events Take Place Every Day

While your dad is welcome to have a lazy day in his apartment, there are community activities. He can join his friends in a walk around the neighborhood, sign up for a Tai Chi class, or head to the activities room for an art project.

Activities will vary, but they can include things like working on a community garden, playing board games, or having a movie night. Book groups, cooking classes, and sing-a-longs are also popular.

Restaurant-style Meals Are Served

In his home, your dad often had to eat alone. Meals in a residential care home are served in the community dining room. He joins his neighbors at the table and orders off the daily menu. He may have baked haddock one day and decide on homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese the next.

His days start with breakfast and progress through snacks, lunch, more snacks, dinner, and dessert. He’ll have home-cooked meals every day. If you want to stop by and take him out, that’s fine.

Communities usually offer country kitchens, where you can reserve and cook meals together for special occasions. Make sure you ask about any COVID policies to ensure you’re following the community’s policies. They may differ from state or city guidelines.

People Are Always Around

Your dad wakes up early and hates being alone. However, in a residential care home, he’s not. He has neighbors and caregivers there to keep him company when he wants. He can get up and have a cup of coffee with the staff, or ask a fellow resident to play cards or help him work on a jigsaw.

Transportation and Group Outings

When your dad needs a ride to an appointment, you’re welcome to take the day off and bring him. But, you can also let the residential care home’s driver escort him to these appointments and report to you later.

The community’s driver and home care aides also escort interested residents on group outings. They might go apple picking one week and to a local museum the next. Every now and then, activities like baseball games, movies, and concerts are offered.

A smaller, residential setting is ideal for your dad as he ages. In residential care home living, he has the help he needs from trained home care aides, and enjoys being around others in his community. He always has someone to talk to, but he also has his private apartment when he wants time to himself. Call a care home specialist to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482.

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