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What Amenities Are Included in Residential Care Home Living?

Residential Care Home Living Lewes
Residential Care Home Living Lewes

Have you ever thought about residential care home living for your dad? It’s an excellent way to afford him privacy in his own apartment, while also surrounding him with friends, caregivers, and 24-hour security. 


Your dad’s care home is in a residential setting, so he’s away from the bustle of the city, but he’s still close to hospitals, medical offices, beaches, stores, and parks. Check out all the amenities he gains in a residential care home.


Caregiver Services


Your dad needs help with grooming, hygiene, and cleaning. With residential care home living, he has caregivers there to help him as much as he needs them. The caregivers can help your dad shower and dress, get to the dining room for his meals, or schedule his appointments.


The caregivers are available for one-on-one care due to the smaller size of a care home. He won’t be on a list of dozens of residents in need of a helping hand.


Free Internet and Cable TV


In a residential care home, your dad enjoys free internet and cable TV. He can watch favorite shows in his apartment, or head to the community living room and watch shows, movies, and sports with his friends. 


Community Areas


The community living areas include the living room, but there are also community bathrooms, courtyards and walking grounds, a gazebo, and a family dining room. While meals are served restaurant-style, residents dine together for socialization.


Private Apartments


The apartments in a residential care home are private, and allow your dad to get away and spend time by himself when he wants. He’ll have an apartment with a private bathroom, bedroom, and sitting area. He is welcome to personalize that area to feel right at home.


Daily Activities


Each day, there are daily activities listed on the community calendar. Your dad may wake up and have breakfast before joining a Yoga class or walking club. He can work in the community gardens or watch a movie with his friends. 


After lunch, there may be games, crafts, or reading groups to attend. Every week or two, a group outing to a local attraction like a museum, theater, or beach might be organized. If he wants to go, he is welcome, but he has no obligation.


He might want to join his friends and play games before dinner. Once dinner’s over, there could be a community dance, a movie night, or a paint and sip event. When he’s ready for bed, he can return to his room. 


Restaurant-Style Meals


A residential care home serves restaurant-style meals. Your dad sits at the table and looks over the menu. He could have lasagna one night and roasted cod another. He’ll finish the meal with tea or decaf coffee and dessert.


Learn more about residential care home living by arranging a tour. Call an advisor to make the arrangements.

If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to a Residential Care Home Living in Lewes, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482.

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