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Six Tips for Helping Your Mom with a Move to a Care Home

Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County
Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County

Your mom can’t stay in her current home. One of the leading reasons for a move to a residential care home is that it’s not safe where she is. Suppose she had a stroke and can no longer manage stairs. If her home’s main level is up a flight of stairs, she can’t stay there without costly renovations.

A residential care home is designed to be ADA-compliant and equipped for single-level living. Here’s what you can do to help your mom adjust to her new housing situation.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Before your mom moves, spend time in the neighborhood with your mom. Walk around, check out the stores and restaurants, and explore area parks. When she sees what to do around the area, she’ll be eager to become part of that community.

Spend Time Visiting Her New Neighbors

Find out if it’s possible to stop by a few times and have a meal there. Even if you have to pay a fee, it helps your mom get to know the people she’ll be living with. As she develops friendships and meets the staff, it helps with the adjustment.

Engage in Activities With Her

During an initial visit, make sure you engage in activities with your mom. She’ll be more likely to join if you’re also doing it. Suppose you stop by for lunch and there’s a painting class before lunch. Arrive for the painting class, go through that with your mom, and then have lunch.

Bring Favorite Items to Create a Homey Space

On moving day, make sure some of her favorite personal items are in her suite. When she has comforting items to help her with the adjustment, it will make it easier. A framed collage of her family may help. A stuffed bear with her grandchildren’s recorded messages can be something she will cherish and want to show to her new neighbors and aides.

Give Her Some Time to Settle In

Once she’s moved in, keep in touch with the staff to make sure she doesn’t need anything. Don’t visit every day if you can avoid it. It gives her time to get to know others without you as a distraction. If she’s having a rough time adjusting, the staff will let you know and offer tips.

Don’t Ignore Her Once She’s Moved

After you’ve given her time to settle in, start visiting as often as you saw her in the past. If you visited each weekend, keep that schedule at first. Follow her cues though. You may arrive some days and have her tell you she had plans with her new friends.

That’s what you want to hear. You can leave and do things on your list, and know she’s settled in. Switch to two visits a month after that, and see if that’s better for her.

The move to a care home can be stressful, but you have to remember that care home aides are there to help with the adjustment. Give them space to work with your mom and help her adjust. With time, she’ll feel right at home and have a great time with her new friends and community members.

If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482.

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