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What Is Assisted Living in a Home Like?

Assisted Living in a Home Lewes
Assisted Living in a Home Lewes

What keeps your mom from moving into an assisted living home? Like many older adults, she may believe she’s about to lose some of her privacy. That’s not the case. Take a closer look at what it’s like to live in an assisted living home.

She Has Private Living Quarters

When your mom moves into an assisted living home, she has plenty of privacy. She has a private apartment with a bathroom, bedroom, and living area. In her apartment, she’ll enjoy free internet and cable TV.

When she wants to leave her apartment, there are community areas like a gazebo courtyard, a dining room, bathrooms, and living rooms. All apartments and communal areas are ADA-compliant.

Meals Are Prepared for Your Mom

In an assisted living home, the on-site chef cooks meals for your mom each day. She won’t have to cook a meal again. What will she enjoy? It depends on the day as menus change.

Your mom could have roast chicken and potatoes with roasted vegetables one day, and baked haddock with rice pilaf the next. She orders from the daily menu, which usually has a few options and a list of a la carte items that don’t change.

Sometimes, you can dine with her, usually on holidays. Holiday gatherings often have sit-down meals, like turkey with all the trimmings or finger foods that you can eat while socializing.

If you want to have a family meal together, you’re welcome to do so. You just need to let the staff know when you’re planning a gathering, as COVID policies may limit the number of people who can be in the building at one time.

Activities Are Included

Your mom has a daily calendar of activities she’ll enjoy. Some days, there will be group outings to museums, a local farmer’s market, a beach, or a movie theater. There are also on-site activities like Bingo, board games, dances, and movie nights.

Transportation Is Available

Does your mom have an appointment coming up? If you can’t get the day off to drive her, you can arrange to have her assisted living home driver bring her. Transportation is usually limited to a certain number of trips per month before any fees kick in.

Around-the-Clock Security

Finally, your mom’s safety doesn’t have to be your worry. Because an assisted living home has 24/7 security. There’s always someone there to help or alert emergency services in case something’s wrong.

Your mom can have personalized care services with her caregiver. The one-on-one attention ensures she has someone to help her get showered and dressed, make her way to the family dining room, or get ready in time to get to her eye exam.

Reach out to an expert in assisted living homes to learn more. Whether you want to take a virtual home tour or see it in person, the advisor can help answer your questions and make the necessary arrangements.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Assisted Living in a Home in Lewes, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482.

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