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Questions to Ask When Talking to a Care Home Specialist

Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County DE: Home Specialist Questions
Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County DE: Home Specialist Questions

Your mom is talking about moving from her rural home to a residential care community. Before she does, you want to learn more. What should you ask a Residential Care Home Living specialist during the initial call?

How Often Are Housekeeping Services Offered?

Part of care home living is that housekeepers vacuum, mop, and sanitize surfaces. They clean sinks, toilets, and showers, wash windows and change sheets and towels. When the dirty laundry is gathered, the staff do the laundry.

Your mom no longer has to worry about doing the household chores. If she enjoys cleaning, she’s always welcome to take on the tasks she enjoys.


How Do Meals Work?

There are two options for meals in a care home. Restaurant-style dining is popular. She joins her neighbors and orders off the menu. Family dining is also available in country kitchens. You can cook meals in the kitchens and enjoy a family gathering.

You may find that for holidays, families are invited to holiday dinners in the restaurant-style dining area. The meals you’ll enjoy together are excellent. Plus, you have the chance to meet your mom’s new friends.

Is Transportation Provided?

Most communities provide transportation within a certain amount of miles. If your mom needs to go farther than that, there may be an additional fee. Some communities also limit the number of trips each month. If your mom uses the included trips and still needs to go to other places, she may pay an additional fee.


Are Family Members Able to View Menus and Calendars?

Find out if there is a website you can access to view activity calendars and monthly or weekly restaurant menus. It helps you see the experiences your mom’s having when you’re not visiting.


What Does the Monthly Rent Cover?

The monthly rent at a residential care home includes your mom’s suite, electricity, water, heat, AC, cable TV, and internet. Your mom no longer pays property taxes.

Some or all of her meals and snacks are paid for. Housekeeping, standard maintenance, activities, and transportation services are also included in the rent. There are usually a few exceptions, so ask about them.

For example, an outing to a local museum may require your mom to pay for her ticket. Rent wouldn’t cover that expense. If your mom is sick, she may be able to pay a small fee and have her meals delivered to her room.


Can Family Members Join Their Parent for Meals?

Find out if you’re allowed to join her for meals. Residential care communities often welcome families to reserve a country kitchen for family meals.

Residential care home living is a fantastic opportunity for older adults. They enjoy their privacy while also having neighbors and staff close by. With so many services helping with daily living and socialization, a residential care home is a great way to age in place. Call to learn more.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering, Residential Care Home Living in Sussex County, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at: (302) 772-4482

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