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Residential Care Home Living: How to Talk with Your Senior

Residential Care Home Living Sussex County
Residential Care Home Living Sussex County

Have you talked to your dad about his goals for aging? Many older adults want to be independent for as long as possible and want to age their way.

When a person lives alone, independence can come at a price. If something happens to your dad and no one is nearby, he could be alone for hours or days without having the help he needs. He may not want to be alone anymore, but he doesn’t want to live with you or another family member.

Have you talked about residential care home living? This is an excellent solution when a person wants support while having privacy.


What Do Residential Care Homes Offer?

Explore your dad’s choices when he is ready to downsize and move into a community with the help he needs. Assisted living is available in large complexes where there are hundreds of apartments. This can be overwhelming to someone who lives alone. Residential care homes end up being a much better choice.

Residential care home living starts with your dad’s choice of a private suite. He has an apartment of his own with a locking door. On days he wants to stay in and have a quiet afternoon to himself, he’s welcome to do so. But, he’s not limited to always being alone.

He can leave his apartment and spend time with his neighbors in a care home. There are planned activities he’s able to do. He’s also welcome to go on group outings, explore the courtyard and gardens, and join his neighbors for meals and snacks.

Staff is on-site to help your dad with anything he needs. If he wakes in the middle of the night, he can talk with his aides. If he has difficulty remembering to take his daily medications or vitamins, the staff members are there to remind him.

The on-site kitchen staff and chefs prepare meals and snacks. Your dad doesn’t have to lift a finger; others will do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Your dad gets to focus his days on doing things he enjoys. He can take walks with his new friends, play games, or join an arts and crafts project.

Residential care homes are located in the residential areas of charming cities and towns that he can get out and explore with aides and neighbors. He might want to walk along a waterfront in the heart of the shopping district or a nearby park.


What Happens Next?

Obviously, residential care home living starts by asking for more information. Ask if you can tour a home and explore the suites, common areas, menus, and activity calendars. After that, you can discuss your dad’s needs, health history, and interests.


If you or an aging loved one is considering moving to a residential care home in Sussex County, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482.


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