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Residential Home Living What Is It?

Residential Care Home Living Lewes
Residential Care Home Living Lewes

Recently, your dad tripped in his yard and fractured his ankle. Since that accident, he realizes that his home isn’t as manageable as it was when he was younger. He’s told you that he wants to downsize.

After talking with family, it’s clear that your dad doesn’t want to be alone. He wants one-level living and lots of people near. He likes the idea of a residential care home where companion care is available. How do companion care services work when your dad moves into this environment?

Companion Care Services Help With Several Daily Routines

Throughout the week, companion care aides help your dad in his home or in a residential care community. His companions can take him to church or the local senior center for social events. They’ll take him shopping or to his appointments.

Transportation is just one of your dad’s many benefits of companion care services. His caregivers also offer homemaking services.

Whether he moves into an apartment or suite, his caregivers can change his sheets, do the laundry, and clean his bathroom. They’ll vacuum his carpets, wipe down sinks and counters, and dust furnishings.

Basically, companion care at home services helps your dad with the tasks he struggles to complete independently. Since he broke his ankle and struggles with cleaning, changing his sheets, and doing the laundry. With companion care aides, he doesn’t have to worry.

When he moves into a residential care home, the benefits your dad gets extend beyond having companion care services every day. He has neighbors to visit, social events to keep him busy, and communal meals in the dining room.

Learn More About Care Home Living

A residential care home setting typically has no more than ten residents. Due to the small size, your dad has the chance to know his neighbors and form lasting friendships. He also has the staff available for companion care services and transportation.

It’s an all-encompassing level of personalized care that makes him feel surrounded by family all day and night. If he can’t sleep, he can leave his suite and visit with the caregivers working the night shift. He might find he has other night owl neighbors to play cards with or join for a cup of tea and conversation.

Staff members will notice if your dad is having a bad day or waking up and not feeling well. They’re ready to help him through whatever’s going on. If he has developed a cold, the caregivers will bring meals to his suite and ensure he gets plenty of rest while he recovers.

Sometimes, residential care homes have waitlists. The sooner you get your dad on a list, the faster he gets to move into his desired setting. Call and ask to speak to a care home specialist about their companion care services and the other benefits your dad gains.


If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to Residential Care Home Living in Lewes, DE, please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at  (302) 772-4482.

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