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What Is Personal Care at Home in a Care Home Setting?

Personal Care Services Lewes
Personal Care Services Lewes

As your dad ages, the day may arise when he needs help to maintain his independence. His options become having home care aides in his home, moving in with you, or receiving assisted living at home in a small community.  He’s not certain he wants to stay in his multi-level home. It’s becoming too much for him to handle. Your dad doesn’t want to live under your roof and your rules. A care home can be the more appealing option.

What Services Are Offered in a Care Home?

Assisted living at home is a service where caregivers go to your dad’s home, apartment, or suite and provide the care he needs for a short time. By comparison, in a care home setting, he has a full range of services available all day, every day while also maintaining independence and privacy.

When your dad moves into a care home, he has personal care aides and companion care aides helping him with daily routines:

  • If he struggles to schedule his medical and dental appointments due to difficulty using a phone.
  • Perhaps your dad needs assisted living at-home services for bathing and grooming.
  • He can’t remember to take his daily medications for heart disease.
  • Your dad cannot brush or floss his teeth due to arthritis in his fingers.

His caregivers help him with all of those challenges.

In a care home, he has aides to remind him to take his medications. He has chefs cooking his meals, and your dad never eats alone. When it’s time to eat, your dad is surrounded by all of his new friends. Mealtime conversations do wonders for his mental and emotional health.

Suppose your dad had a stroke and needs a wheelchair. His home isn’t wheelchair-friendly. His bedroom is upstairs, so he can’t get to bed. To get into his house, there are stairs leading to his front door. Home improvements are essential, but there’s no money. Care homes are ADA-compliant. The bathrooms are equipped for users of wheelchairs and walkers. They have grab bars. Hallways and doorways are wide and accommodate wheelchairs. Even the areas outside are wheelchair-friendly. There are courtyards and walking paths that your dad can explore with caregivers and neighbors. He can work in the outdoor gardens as much as he’d like.

You also enjoy peace of mind. The care home provides 24/7 security. He’s surrounded by staff day and night. Your dad is given plenty of options to socialize inside during group activities. Trips to area stores, restaurants, museums, and parks are also possible.

Make a Call

If assisted living at home is necessary for your dad to remain independent, it’s a good time to discuss his options. You’d be surprised. He might realize that a small care home is exactly what he desires. Your dad has his private suite or apartment, but he’s given plenty of options to socialize with neighbors, caregivers, and other staff members. Call and ask about assisted living at home options.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Personal Care in Lewes, DE please contact the caring staff at Silver Assist Care Homes today at (302) 772-4482

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